Whiteline Designs has been supplying Australia sports apparel since 2008. We strive to provide our customers excellent service while maintaining superior quality and competitive prices.
Our product range includes kids/adult team uniforms, supporters apparel, caps, soft shell jackets, socks, sports-gear bags and much more.
We believe any sports team should be given the best opportunity to promote their brand and sponsors to their full potential. Our design team has over 15 years of experience so we are able to create a unique design. We believe our designs can help you achieve your full market potential.
Whiteline Designs has just teamed up with AFL licensee Belgravia Apparel which allows us to manufacture and produce AFL game day guernseys. This is a major development for us and more importantly Regional NSW.
Please take the time to view our website to see the large range of products and our unique designs which we have been privileged to be associated with. All enquiries can be directed to info@whitelinedesigns.com.au.